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Our translators' translation translates the world.



The process starts with the project analysis and evaluation by the Project Manager. The PM does a thorough study of the requirements to estimate the amount of time and ...



The team prepares a glossary and terminology to carry out the translation work. Materials used for reference are marked and categorised for easy access. The translators...



The translated documents are forwarded for proofreading. The proof readers does a serial search audit for errors, content and quality. The documents undergoes editing...



The PM reviews is a double check to ensure that all the translated and proof read documents are error free and meets the quality and business standards set up by the company...


Committed to provide high quality, error free and cost effective translation, content writing and localization services by continuously innovating our process by engaging only native language speakers and domain experts for our translation services. We are defined by the excellence of the services, objectives agreed upon, adherence to deadlines and the strictest confidence in handling of client information. The Mangosteens quality process follows ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and other process improvement and quality standards.

Why choose Us

Our translation services comprises professional translators and proof readers in various languages who are also subject matter experts. By combining our group of native speaking highly professional translators along with our efficient Project Management team, The Mangosteens provides you with innovative services, competitive pricing, high quality standards and on time delivery in the field of translations services, localization and content writing with 100% satisfaction.